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Houston Sprinkler Repair Services

At James Irrigation, we love to be able to practice our craft in Houston and take every opportunity to come out and help residents make their lawns shine. It is important to note that we are fully aware your sprinkler system is not the only thing buried in your yard and are extremely careful when repairing underground systems.

Our Houston sprinkler repair team has been operating in the area for years. Trust our experienced Houston sprinkler repair staff to handle all of your sprinkler upkeep needs.

If some of your sprinkler heads do not work, if your system has low water pressure, or doesn't work at all, repairs will be needed to correct problems from wear or damage. A professional Houston sprinkler repair system technician can evaluate the problems with your equipment and make quick repairs with minimal impact to your yard.

Houston sprinkler repairs vary from adjusting, cleaning, and replacing sprinkler heads to fixing damaged supply lines and replacing faulty valves. Automatic systems with electronic controls may need fuses replaced or upgrades and repairs to wiring. Our years of experience will help your technician diagnose problems for a prompt repair.

If you have just purchased a home in the area and you aren't sure of the condition of the current irrigation system, call our Houston sprinkler repair service team to come and do a full system inspection. We'll be able to detail the current coverage of your system and evaluate any changes that can be made to help you achieve the look you want for your yard.

As the most experienced Houston sprinkler repair team, our staff can help you with problems you may be having with your lawn sprinkler system. There is not much James Irrigation have not seen regarding Houston sprinkler repairs. Be confident we will diagnose and repair without guessing what the problem is.

Contact us today for a no cost diagnosis.