Houston Sprinkler Repair

houston-sprinkler-repairJames Irrigation is a local, Houston based business specializing in Houston sprinkler repair solutions. We have been in business since 2005.

If you haven’t had you’re sprinkler system checked in the last 2 years, chances are it’s not working at its full potential.

Even if the sprinkler heads all still pop up and there are no areas where there is water pooling, your lawn and planting beds may still be getting insufficient or excessive water. Why? Landscapes are living, growing, ecosystems that change over time.

houston-sprinkler-repairWhen you are in need of Houston sprinkler repair, call us and we’ll locate the problem quickly and get it fixed. Most sprinkler system problems can be tracked to one or two pop up heads. These heads can easily get clogged with debris from lawn mowing or from rain drainage.

Broken heads are another common problem. Plastic heads get broken from time to time from being hit by rocks chipped by a lawn mower or even being chewed on by local critters. We carry every make and model of sprinkler head with us so we can pop a new one in, no problem.

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